Friday, June 18, 2010

The many loves of some kind of robot

I love it when someone I haven't heard from in a while unexpectedly pops back into my life.

And I love how we just pick up as if no time has passed.

I love weird, random conversations with friends and strangers.

I love how something that seems bad can have the most delicious silver lining.

I love mornings and Fridays and other moments that are bursting with possibilities.

And I love Florida's Natural Au'some Fruit Nuggets. Best. Fruit snacks. Ever.

I love running. Because when it's good, it's fantastic, and even when it's bad, it's still good.

I love it when I hear the right song at exactly the right moment.

I love my thinking spot, on a castle wall across from the lake.

And I love Cobb's Hill in the morning.

I love those moments when I'm laughing so hard it hurts.

I love how some of the things I used to hate (change, mexican food, dresses), are now some of my most favorite things.

I love reading on the porch (or at a coffeehouse or in a hammock - I totally wish I had a hammock).

And I love how this ordinary robot has been given such an infinitely awesome life.

Lyric of the moment: "Life ain't nothin' (la la la la-aah) But a dream (la la la la-aah) Relives it (la la la la-aah) As it seems..."

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