Monday, July 12, 2010

Say yes to progress

Sometimes I forget how much fun it is when you say yes and accept people's invitations and then random awesomeness/hilarity ensues.

Jeremy and I went to see Micmacs at the Little Theater and it had everything I love all in one movie (French, a group of misfits, comedy and whimsy, plus the bad guys get their comeuppance in hilarious fashion). Afterwards we were getting some dinner when I heard from Wingman. Since it was after 9pm at this point, I would normally be ready to go home and relax/go to sleep early like an old person. But it's summer and warm and sunny and the weekend, so I was all about hanging out. Wingman came to meet us at the bar/restaurant and then we went back to his new apartment, which is this neat little "garden house" with a sweet loft (I like having my own house and all but I would love to live in a loft someday). And it was all good times, plus I still got home in time to watch part of an SNL rerun and eat ice cream out of the carton (classy, no?).

Here I am in one of Wingman's hats, feeling very gangster. I totally need to get my own gangster hat. (also, I'm wearing the awesome skirt I got at JC Penney for $1.18).

In other news, we're up to 8 miles for the long group runs now, and it still feels pretty good. This coming Saturday, we'll be doing a 9 mile run. I love that every week I can go farther than the week before, but I'm still at a comfortable enough pace that I feel more awesome than awful afterwards. It feels like pushing my limits in the best possible way. But now that we're running for more than 1.25 hours, I have to start experimenting with taking in additional fuel mid-run. I bought a couple of sport gels so I'll try out one of those next week. You're supposed to take it about 45 minutes to an hour into your run. Hopefully it won't taste too bad and won't upset my stomach.

I've already been carrying a water bottle with me on the longer runs, and that's working out pretty well. I refuse to wear a fanny pack or water belt, so a handheld water bottle it is. I thought it would be all annoying, but honestly I don't even really notice it when I'm running. Plus the water sure helps in the heat.

I don't mind the heat so much (although I don't think I've ever been as sweaty as I was during last Thursday night's tempo workout in the 90 degree weather). But I need to find a way to keep the sweat from getting in my eyes. It stings so much. And that's not cool.

Lyric of the moment: "Now that I am home I’m not alone. Living my life right. I can breathe now. Hello it’s so nice to see your face again. Hello it’s so nice to see you. All good people find one another..."

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