Sunday, October 24, 2010

Birthday suite

Saturday was my 29th birthday and it was filled with Niagara Falls adventures...

Riding the Whirlpool cable car

 Enjoying the sweet view of the falls from our suite

Riding the Skywheel

 Eating dinner at the Rainforest Cafe

And by dinner I mean the chocolate volcano. It even came with a sparkler on top!

My birthday present from Jeremy was a sterling silver mood ring. I'd been wanting one for a while and somehow he found a local artisan to handcraft one for me. It's pretty awesome.

Now, what should I do with my last year of being a twentysomething?

Lyric of the moment: "You know I dreamed about you, I missed you for 29 years. You know I dreamed about you for 29 years before I saw you..."

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