Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Love in the time of sleeplessness

I did not sleep well last night. Not well at all. Grrr. Hopefully it is just an anomaly in my otherwise fantastic sleep record. So on to happier, less sleep-deprived business.

Things I am in love with this week:

*The pizza delivery dude who, after I said "I'm sorry you have to drive around in the bad weather," replied, "I lead a life of danger and intrigue."

*The parents pulling their snowsuited up little kid in a sled down the sidewalk. Little kids in snowsuits are simultaneously the cutest and creepiest thing ever. Seriously. Watch The Brood and you'll know what I'm talking about. Who wants to pull me around in a sled? Just kidding. Who wants to watch movies and drink hot chocolate?

*When my boss said, in a conversation about personality tests, "I did well on those tests, but I always lied."

*Soup. Because it's cold and all I feel like eating is warmth. Bonus points for being in a breadbowl.

*The Song Garage Sale by Nerf Herder. I heard it on the radio and just laughed and laughed.

*Thursday. Because it's payday and funny TV night and almost the weekend.

Lyric of the moment: "I spent $34.95 on a very fancy scented candle. It smelt like strawberry Pop Tarts and oregeno. I rubbed it all over my body and wrapped it up to give it to you. But here it is at your garage sale, 25 cents at your garage sale..." (worst. gift. ever.)

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