Monday, February 21, 2011

I'll try (almost) anything once

I am curious about everything. Life is endlessly entertaining and infinitely interesting. I want to go everywhere and see everything. I'm all for epic adventures, but the little novelties of everyday life are neat too. Here are some of the things I tried this weekend...

*Walking instead of running. My friend Chris needed one more Winter Warriors workout to get enough points for the t-shirt, but he hurt his foot and can't run for a few weeks so he asked if I'd walk with him at the Friday night workout instead of running. I don't know if it was all the wind or if I'm just used to the faster pace of running, but I felt like I was barely moving. Walking can be relaxing at times, but as a form of transportation I much prefer running. If it was socially acceptable to show up wearing running clothes and looking more than a little sweaty, I would totally run everywhere.

*Guiness. I had a sip of Guiness at the Great Guiness Toast at Johnny's Irish Pub on Friday night. Some friends from running group invited me. Apparently it's the start of the St. Patrick's Day season. I didn't know that St. Patrick had a whole season and I'm not really into St. Patrick's Day since I don't drink, but I had a really good time. It's nice to feel like part of a group. Especially one as hilarious and fun as Eric, Sheila, Shooter and Joe. But sorry, Guiness. All beer tastes the same to me and you were no exception. We're not going to be friends.

*White Russian. I also had a sip of a white Russian, which tasted like a milkshake. A dangerous milkshake. The kind that would seek revenge from the inside out. One taste was definitely enough for me. I'm sticking to regular milkshakes.

*Water belt for running. I don't know what the technical term is but for all intents and purposes it's a fanny pack that holds a water bottle. Yes, I am now one of those people. I got tired of carrying the handheld water bottle, so I bought a carrier that straps around the waist and holds a water bottle in the back. I wore it for the first time on Saturday's 11 mile run and it was surprisingly comfortable, though I was wearing 3 layers of clothing so it remains to be seen how comfortable it is over just a t-shirt.

*Ninja soup. I don't know the actual name of this soup, which came from a Chinese restaurant in Penfield, but the real name couldn't be anywhere near as cool.

Lyric of the moment: "I'm a rambler, I'm a gambler, I'm a long ways from home. And if you don't like me well leave me alone. I'll eat when I'm hungry and I'll drink when I'm dry. And if moonshine don't kill me I'll live till I die..."

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