Sunday, March 27, 2011

Long runs and late nights

It's been another fun weekend full of long runs, late nights, good friends and good times.

Friday night Mike and I went to Dogtown and to see Sucker Punch. Aesthetically, I thought the movie was cool and I liked the soundtrack, but the storyline was weird and confusing. Still, I do enjoy an action movie with some kickass ladies, though I don't understand why they're always dressed like skanks.

Saturday morning I ran 18 miles! The first leg was more fun because Shooter and Eric were there, but then they turned off to do the 10 mile route and I went on with some other people from running group who I don't know very well. They were all nice to me, but I got a little impatient because they kept stopping to go to the bathroom and get water and stand around on the corner eating gels. I don't like stopping. I'm not going to stop during the race so I need to run nonstop on training runs too. Since the rest of the group was doing 20 miles, I ran the last few miles back to Fleet Feet by myself. I could feel a heaviness in my lower legs, but by that point I just wanted to finish up and get home, so I sped up a little and the faster turnover seemed to help. I like showers, breakfast and naps as much as the next person, but after 3 hours of running they feel especially good.

Saturday night I went to Shooter's birthday party, had a lot of fun with some hilarious people, stayed up late, laughed so hard my face hurt and almost won at darts. Good times, good times.

For some reason I was wide awake and restless at 7:30am this morning, so I got up, went to the gym, did some errands and went to my thinking spot. Sometimes it's nice to just drive around for a while. And even though it's still colder than I'd like, I have to admit I was loving the sunshine today.

Hopefully spring will come soon. For real. And hopefully there will be more good runs and good times up ahead.
Lyric of the moment: "Cuz everybody dies but not everybody lives..."

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