Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Run away, run through, run towards

I had another good hill workout last night, just under 6 miles. I used to hate hills. They always felt so impossible. But now, I don't know, I just sort of roll with it somehow, taking the ups and downs in stride, just relaxing and going with the flow. Of course I'd still rather run flat courses, but there's something about reaching the top of a hill that makes me feel strong and tough and a little bit more awesome. Even if I'm not.

I'm not quite sure how I got here, but I like it. Running used to feel like so much pressure. In school, I always felt like I was disappointing everyone if I didn't run well. But I can't run for anyone else, just like I can't live my life for anyone else. Now I run for the simple joy of it, the fun, the laughter, the cameraderie. I run because it always makes me feel better about everything, because I can go into a run at my worst and come out at my best, because whatever I put into it, I always get tenfold in return.

So some runs will feel fantastic and some runs will feel like crap, but I'll be happy as long as I can keep on running.

Lyric of the moment: "Since fifteen I have ran everywhere you can run. But with you it's much more fun. So let's run let's run let's run. Since I was fifteen I have ran everywhere you can run. I'm not done with my traveling, so let's run let's run let's run..."


  1. I have just really started working oh hills. I mean I thought I was working on hills because I run up the paved portion of Cobb's Hill almost every day, and also Nunda Blvd which is steep, but then I ran up the gravel portion of Cobb's Hill and wanted to die. And then I ran down and did it again. And then again. And then again...

    I thought my legs were going to fall off.

    What's awesome, though, is that I know if I keep doing it, I won't feel like dying anymore. I look forward to that.

    I'm running a half marathon in Asheville, NC in September, which is basically one giant up-hill-both-ways mountain. So, yeah.

  2. Cobb's Hill is definitely a good workout. Hills always feel like hills but after a while they don't seem that scary anymore. Keep up the great work! You are going to rock the Asheville half!!