Monday, March 28, 2011

So impossible and ever the wild

The other day my boss Bill asked me if I like myself. I didn't know how to answer and the question has been kicking around in the back of my mind ever since. I like my life. And I especially like the people in it. But I'm all too aware of my faults. I know I'm weird. I'm what they call an acquired taste. I like how far I've come and how much I've grown, but there's still so much more I want to do and so many things I want to improve upon. I like that I've always lived my life in my own way and on my own terms, but I wish I had done so unapologetically.

When I leave this world, will my existance have made it better or worse? This is probably an unanswerable question. I only hope that I will have changed at least one person's life for the better before I take off on my final adventure. And I hope that day will be a long time in the future, when I'm old and filled with memories of a life well lived.

So I am a work in progress. But I wouldn't want it any other way. I like that, even after 29 years, I still have the ability to surprise myself. Which is sometimes good and sometimes bad, but always amusing.

Lyric of the moment: "I'm dying to know, do you do you like dreaming of things so impossible or only the practical or ever the wild, or waiting through all your bad bad days just to end them with someone you care about..."

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