Sunday, April 10, 2011

On going the distance

Things that are fun to do after running 18 miles:
*Taking a long shower
*Drinking a smoothie
*Taking a nap. Or just getting off your feet
*Getting a leg massage
*Going to the movies

Things that are not fun to do after running 18 miles:
*Walking up and down stairs
*Thinking about how there's no way you can run 8 more miles

I was definitely tired after Saturday's 18 mile run. I started to freak out a little because I don't see how I can run 8 more miles on top of that. I have serious doubts about my ability to do this marathon. But I'm still going to try. I have nothing to lose. Even if I totally blow it in Cleveland, there will always be other races.

On the bright side, nothing hurt during the run or afterwards. But my legs felt tired and heavy during the last few miles. I was a little sore yesterday, but today I feel good again. I bought some compression socks today so I will try those out during my next long run and see if that alleviates some of the heaviness.

Lyric of the moment: "I've seen some changes but it's getting better all the time. There's nothing you and I won't do. I'll stop the world and melt with you. The future's open wide..."


  1. dont worry, you have put in the work, and you are going to rock it at cleveland

  2. you will do great!!! if anyone can run another 8, it's gonna be you. and i wanna hear how you like the compression socks--i think i want to get some. after i run i love when picasso lays on my legs because the extra pressure feels really good, so i've decided compression socks are a good choice. i know--it's a brilliant chain of thought. :) keep us posted! --sheila

  3. Jen, I know that you are going to kick A$$ in that race. You still have plenty of time. If you happen to feel like the goal is hard to obtain, while in the 18th mile of the race, think of the speedo dance! I will help you get that extra eight miles!