Sunday, May 1, 2011

Flower City Half Marathon

The Flower City Half Marathon was a great race and everyone did so well! I felt strong the whole way. I really hope I feel that good or better in Cleveland.

Eric, Shooter and I started off nice and relaxed so we'd be prepared for the hills starting around mile 6. I kept thinking I should take it easy today and save something for Cleveland, but when I got to the hills and the cemetery, my legs just took off (they do what they want) and I ended up finishing in 1:45:14 (315th out of 1829).

It was a solid race. I only hope I didn't go too fast today and screw myself up for the full marathon.

I guess we'll find out in 2 weeks! I have to take it super easy this week and next to rest up before the big day.

Infinity of thanks to Mom, Dad and Mike for their support, to Alyson for taking pictures of us and to Shooter, Eric and Sheila for being the most awesome and hilarious running buddies.
I hope we have many more races ahead of us!

Lyric of the moment: "After all it was a great big world, with lots of places to run to..."

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  1. For the record... we did not start off all that east 7:55, 7:55, 8:05, 7:56 first 4 miles.... right on your overall race pace... it just felt relaxed because we rock.

    You ran great! Sheila and I are sure you are going to rock it at Cleveland!