Monday, May 9, 2011

Restless heart syndrome

Sometimes I look out my office window and see people running in the middle of the day and I think "What am I doing here?" I mean, I love it here. But why am I in here when I could be out there? What if I could pack some of my most favorite people into an RV and take off to run/tour the world? How ridiculously awesome would that be?

How prohibitively expensive would that be?

I'm so excited for sunshine and warm weather (And Pirates of the Carribean - May 20th!!). I want vacation so bad. After Cleveland I will definitely have to plan a trip somewhere. Vegas/Grand Canyon maybe? Some kind of cruise? I'm not sure. I would love to go on a zipline too.

My heart is full of wanderlust. I want to take off on ridiculous adventures and laugh at everything and love every moment.

Lyric of the moment: "When there's a burning in your heart, an endless yearning in your heart, build it bigger than the sun, let it grow, let it grow..."


  1. if any of us win the lottery, we should promise to buy that RV and run everywhere for like a year.... is kind of doing this now.

  2. Running has made me vastly more satisfied with my life and happy as a person, but it has made me more dissatisfied with my job.

    Now that I have more energy, sitting at a desk all day is torture. I want to go outside. I want to do things!

    And having to wake up early or postpone dinner to run, when I'd prefer to do it in the middle of the day just makes it sting more.

    All I ever wanted was a desk job with regular hours and weekends off. But now I feel like every mile of running I do is just trying to make up for all of the hours I sit here being a drone. And I have a GOOD job at a GREAT place, with WONDERFUL people. It just isn't where I want to be.

    Sorry for having an emotional breakdown in your comment section! ;)

  3. I totally know what you mean, Claire. It's so hard to leave something that's good but not entirely what you want. I think you can be grateful for what you have but still want more at the same time. You only get one life. Sometimes you have to lose something good to make way for something even better.