Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer of Awesomeness 2011

Weekend adventures: 13 mile run around Irondequoit with Shooter, Eric and Chris (It will never cease to amaze me how I can now wake up and run 13 miles like it's no big deal. And that there's nothing I'd rather do first thing Saturday morning than get in a good run with good friends), Fairport Canal Days with Mom and Dad, Chipotle and X-Men First Class with Mike and his cousins, getting to see Dangers while he was home for the weekend, weight lifting (Sundays are now going to be weight lifting days. Hopefully. Because I need some muscles), reading on the porch in my hammock chair, Funny Girl on Netflix and homemade peanut butter and banana smoothies.

Monday: 3 mile solo run before work, then 2.5 mile run with Mike after work. He made chicken and vegetables for dinner and I did the dishes.

And summer of awesomeness 2011 has begun!

I'm looking forward to Tuesday speed workouts, Saturday long runs, upcoming races (Fast & the Furriest 5K, Airport 5K, Irondequoit 4th of July 10K, possibly some trail races), going to NYC for a Yankees game in July....

and the pièce de résistance...

vacation to Hawaii in August!!

Life is good. Seriously, ridiculously good.

Lyric of the moment: "Heart don't fail me now. 'Cause there is no time to waste..."

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  1. Summer of awesomeness if going to be awesome isn't it? Plus, it's smoothy weather.