Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Super hugenormous thanks

Today's list of things for which I am super hugenormously thankful:

*Strong bones. I got the results of my bone density scan and apparently my bones are made of steel. Just kidding. But they did get stronger. In 2001, the scan showed osteopenia (low bone density) but now it's back to normal. As my doctor wrote in his e-mail, "I think this is great news!" I like to think it is the result of all the ice cream I've eaten in the past 10 years.

*Fun weekends: Jazz fest, hot chocolate (with sprinkles! thanks Shooter!), a road race, puppies and dogs everywhere, Rhino's soccer game (thanks Shmeagans!), Dippin Dots, running and weightlifting, and lazy Sundays.

*My iPod for returning to life. It was broken and now it is fixed (thanks Mike!). And the beat goes on.

*People who take the time to really get to know you - the good, the bad and everything in between - and like you anyways.

Lyric of the moment: "And one day we will die and our ashes will fly from the aeroplane over the sea. But for now we are young, let us lay in the sun and count every beautiful thing we can see. Love to be in the arms of all I'm keeping here with me..."

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