Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend getaway adventures

Hobo Hotel is more alliterative, but Vagabond Inn sounds
way classier.
Mike and I spent the weekend at a bed and breakfast in Naples. I love getaway weekend adventures. Plus I'd never been to a B&B or to Naples before. Two new things at once. Bonus!

The whole bed and breakfast thing is sort of awkward, like staying at a stranger's house with other guests you don't know. But the owners were friendly, the breakfast was delicious and I fell in love with their dogs, one of which is apparently the #1 whippet in the world and wins tons of fancy dog show ribbons. I don't care about all that best in show stuff, but these dogs were seriously adorable and I wanted to take them home with me.
Winter followed us. Apparently he needed to get away
for the weekend too.
On Saturday morning, I ran probably the hardest ten miles I've ever run. Between the ridiculous hills, the snow and the barking St. Bernard chasing after me, it was an adventure for sure. I'm hoping all those hills will turn out to be really good training, though at the time I felt like they were trying to assassinate me. Sunday morning I ran another 30 minutes of hills in weather that I can only describe as "angry snow globe." I didn't see a single other car or person on the road so I pretended I was the only survivor of a snowpocalypse, because it was better than admitting I was the only one crazy enough to be outside running instead of inside eating a nice hot breakfast by a nice warm fire.
Looking at fancy expensive art while sitting on a $2500 chair

Though after the run I did eat a nice hot breakfast by a nice warm fire.

Other than the hills, of which I was definitely not a fan, it was a great weekend. We explored the town of Naples, including a cool art gallery/store and a winery, and spent time relaxing, reading and hanging out.
We rang the pie bell and no one answered!
Tragedy of tragedies.

We also watched Episodes I and IV of the Star Wars movies and I asked a lot of questions. (How does that cute little kid grow up to be Darth Vader? Where are the Ewoks? Who is that ugly hologram guy and where is he really? Why does being a Jedi involve such a terrible haircut? Does Yoda ever fight anyone? So wait, Darth Vader was born of immaculate conception, making him what, like an evil Jesus? Why is "the chosen one" in epic movies always a man and never a woman?)

I am totally going to steal this dog. Or adopt my own
whippet. Since dognapping is really mean.
I do like the Star Wars movies I've seen so far and am interested to watch the rest of them. I like the Jedi quotes the best, especially when Yoda says "Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." I think the little green dude is on to something.

Lyric of the moment: "Celebrate we will, because life is short but sweet for certain. We're climbing two by two to be sure these days continue..."

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  1. We ran in the junk this weekend too. The Greece run was nice. A smaller crowd.

    Now... lets see... how do you watch episode 1 and THEN episode 4.... we watched all 6 in a row this weekend! It was awesome! Yoda is super smart... It is unheard of, but I like the "new" 3 better than the "original" 3..... Episode 2 and 3 tell you how that punk became Vader... Ewoks rock it out in episode 6...When Yoda fights.. it is amazing. The end