Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Awesome vs. Not Awesome

Thanks to Shmeagans for the pics!
Things that are awesome:

*The run around Irondequoit Bay on Saturday morning. Good friends, good training (lots of hills!), good breakfast (Thanks, Chris!). I'm looking forward to doing this route again in the summer, with an ice cream chaser!

*Fortune cookie: "A winner forgets he is in a race. He just loves to run."

*A 3 day weekend of running, movies (Friends with Kids was funny in that awkward way I love. Plus The Little Theater is awesome, though sadly the secret balcony has been closed down by the Fire Marshall for not having 2 exits. I'd like to point out that technically there are 2 exits: the stairs and over the balcony edge. I'd also like to point out that having to hang and drop from the balcony in the event of a fire would seriously increase the awesome factor of the secret balcony), euchre, my first attempt at golf (I hit a few balls with the driver and a few with the putter, but mostly I drove the golf cart and watched Mike and his dad play. I think golf might be too slow motion for me, but driving the carts is a lot of fun!), reading and watching all my DVRed shows from the week.

*Hills. Ok, so I don't really think hills are particularly awesome. But I do feel tenacious after running a bunch of them. It's like anything else. I can focus on how difficult and unpleasant it is and how bad I feel or I can enjoy the moment and the view and realize that it's not so intimidating and is probably making me stronger. So I have made my peace with hills. Now I have to work on doing this with everything else.

*Euchre. It's my absolute favorite game. Four cool people + one deck of cards + delicious snacks = good times. I don't even care if I win or lose, I just like to play. I wish I could adopt this philosophy to the rest of my life. I am sort of getting there with running, but everything else...not so much (which probably has something to do with the mean voice, see below).

Things that are not awesome:

*I am sick. Again. I keep getting these stupid colds or whatever they are (Maybe they are smart colds. They are certainly getting the better of me). I am getting supremely annoyed, which I know is not helping at all, but I'm so frustrated. Stupid little germs. You can't live rent-free up in my cells. This is your eviction notice.

*The mean voice. The one that says I should be lighter, leaner, stronger, faster, smarter, prettier, nicer, happier, more extroverted, better at sleeping, better with money, better at not eating peanut butter straight from the jar (I can't help it, peanut butter is delicious). It's a real jerk. I don't know where it comes from or how to make it go away forever. I don't think throwing things at it will work. Though it is tempting.

Lyric of the moment: "If there's love, I just want to have somethin' to do with it. I just wanna feel yours..." (Because I was rocking out to Citizen Cope in the shower this weekend. It's good shower music.)

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