Friday, June 29, 2012

And the truth is...

...that if you take some bananas, peel and freeze them, then mash them up in a blender, the resulting concoction will approximate ice cream in its taste and consistency. When Mr. Internet first told me about it, I was skeptical, but it really does taste like banana ice cream. I swirled peanut butter into mine for added awesomeness.

...what really happened is that I put the frozen bananas in the blender and it wasn't mashing them up at all. Because it's not really a blender, it's a smoothie maker that I got for Christmas years ago and it's old and woefully incompetent at mashing. So I made pouty faces at the blender and then left it on the counter while we ate dinner. When I went back to check on it, the bananas had thawed a little and the blender struggled and groaned and started to smell like burning, but it did succeed in making faux ice cream after all. Still, it's probably time to get a better masher.

...sometimes I miss everyone all at once and I wish I owned a big hotel (or fancy tree fort!) where all my favorite people could live.

...if the road to growth is paved with discomfort, like the wobbly feeling in your legs after a bike ride or that weird feeling when water goes up your nose or the flutter in your stomach as you venture into uncertainty, then I may be headed in the right direction. But if not, then I'm hopelessly lost.

...sometimes I feel like I'm wasting my life, like I have been given nothing but privilege and opportunity yet I'm not making the most of it.

...above all else, I want to be a bundle of positive energy in the universe, to increase the happiness of others, or at the very least, avoid decreasing it.

Lyric of the moment: "Every waking moment I'm alive, I'm searching for you whether I know it or whether I realize..." (Because Bug and I have been chillin' out to some Citizen Cope. Did I mention how much I love having a CD player in my car? We are partying like it's 1999.)

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