Friday, June 8, 2012

The weekly strange

A carefully curated collection of oddities. Or some random weird things that happened this week.

Tuesday morning a little after midnight, I woke up to the sound of a car alarm and went to the back window to check it out. In the only incident I've ever witnessed of a car alarm going off when something is actually wrong, there was a car on fire in the Frontier parking lot behind my house. It smelled terrible, like burning rubber and chemicals. I don't know if cars can spontaneously combust, but there didn't appear to be anyone around. I called 911, they asked me for my information three times, then confirmed there had been other similar reports. The firemen arrived a few minutes later and put out the fire. I went back to sleep and when I woke up the car was gone. I almost thought it was only a dream, but I had taken a picture of the burning car.

Perhaps in sympathy over his fallen comrade, Bug wouldn't start on Tuesday morning and AAA came to replace his battery. My car now apparently thinks that I am trying to steal its radio and has enacted its anti-theft system. Since I bought the car used, I don't have the code to reactivate the radio so my choices are to drive around in silence (weird at first then oddly peaceful) or buy a new radio (though it would be impossible to ever top Bug's 1999 sound system with cassette player and semi-functional buttons). Now when I turn on the car, the radio display reads "SAFE" as if it is an umpire and I have just slid into home plate.

Today I wistfully remarked that if spinach tasted like peanut butter, I'd eat more of it. Then I made it happen. The resulting smoothie (ingredients: peanut butter, frozen banana, milk, vanilla yogurt, spinach, a little vanilla extract) was an unappealing shade of green but tasted like a peanut butter and banana smoothie. It's a weird feeling to drink something that looks like wheat grass but tastes like peanut butter.

Lyric of the moment: "You're such a strange girl. I think you come from another world..."


  1. Did you call the Volkswagen people? My car did something similar and there is a manufacture code often associated with it - I highly doubt the previous owner went through the trouble of changing the default. It might even be in your manual.

  2. There's supposed to be a card in the manual that has the code, but it's missing. I called VW and they said I had to call a dealer to get the code, so I called the local VW dealer, left 2 messages but no one ever called back. Then I just gave up and had a new radio installed.