Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Things that are good

Even though I'm not very good at it, I enjoy meeting people and hearing their stories, who they are and where they've been and what they like to do. But the thing about people is that they are so nice. And then I feel bad. I feel bad if they pay for me. I feel bad if they give me things. I feel bad that I don't have anything to offer them. It's as if I'm a detached observer, interested in the conversation and the person but with no expectation or attachment to the outcome. I like people and I want things to go well for them, but lately I find that I don't care what they think of me. In some ways I guess it is sort of zen, but I don't want to become apathetic.

But enough of that. Things that are good:

*I now have 3 houseplants. And they are all still alive! Ok, so one of them is a cactus (thanks, George!) and probably doesn't count. But the other 2 are orchids, which as far as plants go, are on the fancy and persnickety side. Since all of my previous houseplants met with an unfortunate and untimely demise, I'm considering this a success.

*While I was driving, a yellow exclamation point light started flashing on Maz's dashboard. I looked in the manual, expecting it to be something bad. With Bug, it was always something bad. But luckily it was just the low tire pressure indicator light, so I stopped at the gas station and put air in the tires. Unfortunately, the free air pump doesn't have any sort of gauge on it so I couldn't tell how much air I was putting in the tires. I just counted to 30 Mississippi (and one for good luck, 31) for each tire. Apparently this worked because the yellow exclamation point went away and has not returned.
*Burn Notice. I started watching this show on Netflix and it makes me wish I had spy skills. Though I would be a terrible spy because I hate guns and I have no interest in fighting anyone.

*The ring I bought for $4 at a household sale from a woman wearing a turban who called me "Doll."

*Going to the library and reading in coffee shops and driving through roundabouts and going to my thinking spot and getting up early to use the rowing machine while watching music videos (because early morning is the only time MTV and VH1 play music videos anymore) and listening to my iPod in the shower. These are the things I do when I want to feel better but I can't run.

Lyric of the moment: "Oh, an incurable humanist you are..."

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