Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love and valentines and doing the robot

I like the idea behind Valentine's day, to celebrate the people we love. I think we should do that as often as possible. But in practice the holiday seems to be mostly about selling jewelry and flowers and implying that you're nobody unless somebody loves you (and that somebody buys you expensive gifts).

Which is completely ridiculous and untrue. Being in a romantic relationship isn't a one-way ticket to happiness, nor does being single doom you to a life of unhappiness. And I don't care about diamonds and flowers. They're just things. I think it's the thought and the willingness to put in the effort that are important.

It's really nice to feel loved and connecting with other people is the best part of life. But I don't think someone else's opinion of me is going to validate me or prove that I'm lovable. Everyone is valuable and lovable and irreplaceable. I'm no better or worse than anyone else, no more or less deserving of anything.

And sure, I would love to have company as I wander through life, but I'm not expecting anyone else to make me happy or solve my problems. Those things are my responsibility alone. And if the whole marriage thing ever happens for me, I want it to happen from a place of genuine love and commitment, not out of a fear of being alone or looking for validation from outside sources.

I've had chances to be in a relationship and I haven't taken them. It just didn't feel right to me. So perhaps there is a reason for me to fly solo right now.

This morning my bathroom light went out and I had to take a shower in the dark. So I did the only logical thing...I turned on the radio and had myself a little dance party.

Because whatever happens, I will keep on doing the Robot.

Lyric of the moment: "All there is left to do is get up, get up, get up. There's a dance floor waiting..."

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