Saturday, February 9, 2013

Odds & ends

The other day I saw a driver approach a red light, then suddenly drive over the median and pull a U-turn. I mean seriously? That's some "creative" driving.

Sometimes at work candidates will tell us how well they thought their interviews went, then we will find out from the employer that the candidates were totally weird/offensive and no one liked them or wanted to work with them. I always wonder how people's perceptions of how they're coming across can be so out of touch with reality. Then I wonder if I am guilty of this too. How would I even know if my own perceptions were skewed?

I went for a short run early Friday morning. No watch, no worries, just enjoying the darkness and the cold air in my lungs. It was perfectly refreshing. Today I got up to 12 miles on the elliptical before my ankle started to get annoyed, so I'm considering that progress. During my workout I was watching music videos on VH1. When I grow up I want to be as hardcore as Pink in her video for the song Try.

Best check-out line conversation ever:
Dude: That's a sweet wallet.
(I have an alligator wallet, as in a wallet with alligators on it, not one made out of alligator)
Me: Thanks!
Dude: What do you call an alligator in a vest?
Me: I dunno, what?
Dude: An investigator.

Everything looks cooler covered in white, fluffy snow. Maz was totally rocking a snow-hawk this morning.

I think I have become an old lady or something. Several times while shoveling my driveway, guys have come over and asked if I wanted help. Even my one next door neighbor who had previously never spoken a word to me offered to help yesterday. Which is really nice, but I actually like shoveling so I usually say thanks but I'm all set. I just hope I don't look like someone who needs help.

I have decided to buy my house a new porch for its 113th birthday this year. So far I have gotten 2 estimates, the second of which was half the price of the first. I half expected it to be lower, since I was getting a total shyster vibe from the first guy. It's rare for me to immediately dislike someone, so when it happens I pay attention. My intuition or whatever you call it is way more astute than I am.

Lyric of the moment: "I cannot overstate it, I will be overjoyed..."

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