Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Reminders to self: on doubt

I have a lot of highly ridiculous thoughts. I don't know where they come from, they just appear. Some of them are funny.  A lot of them are questions. But it's the doubts I have to watch out for, those pernicious little con-artists. They're always up to no good.

Tuesday and Sunday, we went out on Mike's uncle's boat for some swimming, water skiing and tubing and it was a blast. So here's the thing, self: promise me that if someone is generous enough to invite you on their boat (or on any other adventure),  you'll go! You'll be grateful and excited and you'll have an awesome time. You won't freak out about not being tan or looking more six pack of cookies than six-pack abs or any of that ridiculous nonsense. Promise me that you'll never let your doubts keep you from adventures.

So you don't have six-pack abs. What you do have is guts. Which is all you really need to get to the places most worth going.

It's not like there's some rule that you have to look flawless in order to wear a swimsuit or enjoy your life. When you look back, you're going to remember what you did and how you felt and all the experiences you had, not all of your imperfections and doubts. All that self-conscious crap is in your head. And all it does is hold you back. So don't let it.

There's no one "right" way you're supposed to look or be. Beauty, like awesomeness, is everywhere and in everyone.

Don't waste time on doubts. Get busy being awesome.

Lyric of the moment: "And I wonder...If everything could ever be this real forever, if anything could ever be this good again. The only thing I'll ever ask of you, you gotta promise not to stop when I say when..."

Monday, July 15, 2013

Awesome vs. Not Awesome

Things that are awesome:
*Weekend adventures: BBQ Blues Festival at Highland Park, Corn Hill Festival, going to see Bill Maher's stand-up act. (The D&C article about Bill Maher coming to Rochester mentioned that he used to be on Murder She Wrote. What?! I totally have to find old Murder She Wrote episodes on Netflix and look for him.)
*Running to the beach. I love that I live within running distance of a waterfall and the beach. It's not a very scenic route to get there, but I love the beach view. Sometimes it is about the destination. After my run, I was stretching on a picnic table, waiting for Mike to come pick me up, and a woman walking by said to me "That's an interesting place to do yoga. I would never have thought of that." I didn't know what to say, so I just smiled and kept stretching.
*Swimming in the gym pool on Sunday mornings. Hardly anyone else is there and it makes me feel the best kind of tired, like I just ran 15 miles but nothing hurts.
*Edy's Outshine Fruit Bars. In every flavor. Sooooo good!

Things that are decidedly not awesome:
*Last week I noticed a charge on my bank statement from Embassy Suites in Dallas and it was definitely not me who made that purchase. Rut-roh. I called the bank to dispute the charge and thankfully they refunded me the money, cancelled my debit card and are sending me a new one. But I am still a little freaked out. Stupid identity thieves. As my Grandma Pratt would say "Cheater, cheater, pants on fire."
*During my run this morning, a homeless and/or drunk lady said good morning to me. I said good morning back, then as I ran past she yelled "Lose weight, yo!" I didn't know whether to laugh or be insulted.
*Somehow I have Poison Ivy. Or something equally itchy and red on my arms and back. Ugh. As if I wasn't already itchy enough normally. I need a vat of Calamine lotion. Or better, less sensitive skin.

Lyric of the moment: "Let's have an adventure. Head in the clouds but my gravity's centered..."

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Assorted hijinks

My 4th of July holiday was 4 days of shenanigans with family and friends, running, a bit of swimming and eating all the ice cream and popsicles. Because that is what holidays are for. I don't think you can ever have too many hijinks or too many 4 day weekends.

I am so bad at swimming. Like tragicomically bad. But I don't care. I just love being in the water. And I want to run all over everywhere. On trails, on the beach, on roads, to the ice cream shops, to the moon (I wish!).

And it has finally happened. I have found the impossible. A convertible strapless bra that fits well, is very comfortable and not at all itchy, stays in place even when I run around and jump up and down and cost only $16.99. So yeah, I'm pretty much unstoppable now.

Sometimes I find myself thinking well that is either a fantastic idea or a terrible idea. And that's how I know I'm headed in the right direction. Because usually hijinks ensue. Or I learn a really important lesson. But either way, it is bound to be, as they say, an experience.

Whenever I leave their house, Mom says "Be careful" and Dad says "Drive fast and take chances." And I try to do a little of both.

Today at work I was asking a candidate about her experience and the technologies she's worked with and she said "If you want to know about toilets, I'm your girl. I bet you never thought you'd hear that today. You have to have a sense of humor about these things." So true.

Lyric of the moment: "Let's dance to joy division. And raise our glass to the ceiling. 'Cause this could all go so wrong, but we're so happy..."