Sunday, December 15, 2013

On the 1st day of Christmas the universe gave to me a trail race through snow and trees

Photo stolen borrowed from Brian's FB post
Saturday I ran 15 perfectly snowy, wintry miles at the 0 degree WTF race. Normally, races aren't my favorite - I get too anxious - but I can honestly say it was the most fun you can have for 3 hours in the snow and single-digit temps. Three 5-mile loops. Three times up a hill so awesomely steep there was a rope to help pull yourself up. I had the privilege of  running with two fabulous ladies, Liz and Danielle, and one fabulous Steve, who graciously offered us chocolate at the top of the first Hell On Roots hill (gotta love a man with candy in his pockets, am I right?)

For all my catastrophizing, the race wasn't nearly as bad as I had feared. I didn't get lost, I didn't fall, I didn't feel like I was dying. I had some calf cramping in the last mile, but it was the farthest I've ever run on trails, so good times. And at the finish line, every runner got a high five from the race director.

There's always that moment...okay, moments where I question why the hell I thought this running thing was a good idea, but then I get out there and I'm like oh yeah, this is why. The people, the views, the feeling of going farther than you have before. There are some places you can only get to on two feet.

Lyric of the moment: "You might run on for a long time. Run on, ducking and dodging. Run on, children, for a long time..."

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