Thursday, February 20, 2014

That time I became an inadvertent mob boss

This morning, walking to the bathroom, I saw a shadow moving on the hallway floor. Upon closer inspection, it was a little bug, brownish and kind of weird looking, with a bunch of tiny legs. It looked almost like the Danny DeVito version of a centipede. I didn't really want it living all rent-free up in my hallway, but I didn't want to kill it either. So I went on my run, hoping it would move on to bug adventures not located in my house. Like wherever the bug equivalent of Disneyland is. I came back from my run and went upstairs to wake up Mozzie, having mostly forgotten about the bug. But Mozzie spotted it right away and his puppy nose was all over that bug. I took Mozzie outside to do his business and when we came back inside, the bug was just laying there, feet in the air, not moving. I told Mike about the dead bug and asked him to take care of it, which he did. Then, in the shower, it hit me: oh my god, I am the mob boss. Mozzie is the hitman and Mike is the fixer (or whatever they call the body disposal people. I'm not yet hip to all the mob lingo. It's my first day as a crime boss.)

Lyric of the moment: "And damn it feels good to be a gangsta..."

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