Sunday, March 2, 2014

2104 New Things #4: Ethiopian food

Last night Mike and I went to Zemeta, an Ethiopian restaurant on S. Clinton. I've been wanting to try Ethiopian food for a while and apparently there's been a good place hiding in my neighborhood the whole time. We both got the vegetarian buffet and Mike also ordered lamb. Everything I tried was very good, though I have no idea what any of it is called because the buffet wasn't labeled. They gave us forks, though traditionally I think Ethiopians eat with their right hands, using a spongy bread called injera to scoop up the food. Injera, while good, doesn't really taste like bread. I was curious what it's made of so I asked Mr. Internet and he told me it was teff flour. And that teff is a lovegrass native to Ethiopia and Eritrea. So to the list of things I've eaten I can now add lovegrass bread. If you are what you eat, might as well eat things made out of love. While chilling out to chill out music.

Zemeta is small inside, with only a few tables, but the atmosphere was nice (the TV in the corner was set to music videos of Ethiopian "Chill Out" music), the service was friendly and the food was good. I'd definitely go back there again, but I also want to try Abyssinia on Mount Hope Ave.

Lyric of the moment: "Something good gonna come your way, just look out your door...Tell my boy I love him so,  tell him so he know. Lost in Ethiopia, walk out in that road..."

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