Friday, June 6, 2014

2014 New Things #10: Fit1

Doing hard stuff in the park. Thanks to Gustavo for the pic.
If Hell felt a little chilly yesterday or if you noticed pigs flying, it's because the impossible finally happened: I went to my first Fit1 class. I have been terrified of this class ever since I heard the stories of people throwing up or being so sore afterwards they could hardly walk. But the only muscle I have is my heart and that's not going to be enough for TransRockies. It will be the most miles I've ever run in one week and the most epic thing I've ever attempted. I'm going to need all the muscles. So when Pete suggested we go to Fit1 on Thursday, and my ass and abs were still sore from Pilates on Wednesday, I figured what better time than now. Might as well run there and back too. We ran from my house to Fit1 at Highland Park. The sky was overcast but it was a perfect temperature for running/squats/spider crawls/bunny hops/etc. I could do more than I thought I could do and it didn't hurt nearly as much as I was expecting. (Most of the time I'm an optimist but when it comes to things that scare me, I catastrophize, building it up in my head to be this impossibly ridiculous obstacle, then I go do it and, compared to my exaggerated expectations, the reality is a piece of cake. And I do love cake.)

So I survived Fit1. It was a challenge for sure. And it was actually fun. Like the grown-up version of playing the park. But playing hard. Because the hardest things are the most worth doing (Insert Todd's jokes here.) On the run home afterwards my legs felt like Jello. But the best kind of Jello: the chocolate pudding. And apparently Pete and I weren't done flexing our muscles yet because then we moved my old giant couch out to the curb to make way for my new couch that'll be delivered today.

I'd like to try to get to at least one Fit1 class a week (though not back to back with Pilates anymore). I think it will be good for me. Plus Gustavo is a beautiful person with a beautiful outlook on life and he makes for a very inspiring coach.

So my quest for muscles continues. If I never find them, at least I'll have some awesome company along the way.

Lyric of the moment: "Let me assure you friend: every day is ice cream and chocolate cake. And what you make of it. Let me say, you get what you take from it. So be amazed. And never stop, never stop, never stop. You gotta be brave..." (Story of my life.)

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