Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mozzie vs. Suitcase

This morning, I was taking Mozzie on a walk and we were having our usual one-sided conversations (Me: "Mozzie, no! You don't have to eat poop. We have a whole bag of dog food at home.") when suddenly Mozzie tried to run across the street. The cause of his distress? A carry-on suitcase propped up against a tree. I tried to reassure him, telling him it was ok, it was just a suitcase. Even though I know he doesn't understand what I'm saying. The only word that elicits a strong reaction in him is cheese. I went over and touched the suitcase, trying to show him that it was an inanimate object, but that only scared him more. He turned around and hightailed it back home, periodically looking over his shoulder, presumably to make sure the scary suitcase wasn't following us. It was pretty hilarious and adorable. It's fascinating to get a glimpse of the world through another animal's eyes.

The thing I love most about Mozzie is that, despite his rough start in the world (he was mistreated and abandoned), he is a little fearful of new people and situations, but he is never mean. I've never even heard him growl. His fear never turns to aggression. He is a cuddler, not a fighter.

Lyric of the moment: "Don't you worry, you'll find yourself. Follow your heart, and nothing else. You can do this, if you try. All that I want for you is to be satisfied..."

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