Thursday, September 18, 2014

On trust. And my dog, the horror movie extra

Mozzie's nails still bleed on occasion, and this may keep happening until they grow out more. At least I now have an easy Halloween costume for him: horror movie extra. Before I leave for work, I often joke with him about trying not to make the house look like a crime scene while I'm gone. Sometimes I come home and he has streaks of blood on his face or across his side because he scratched himself with one of the bleeding nails. (I severely underestimated how difficult it would be to keep a white dog clean). The first time this happened, I was all "Awww, you've got blood on your face..." which quickly morphed into me singing Queen's We Will Rock You to him while I cleaned him up.

After the pet store employee assured me that it wouldn't cause any pain, I bought Kwik Stop Styptic powder, which is supposed to stop the bleeding. The next time Mozzie's nails started to bleed, I put the powder on them. He didn't whine or run away or do anything to try and avoid it. I guess he trusts that I'm trying to help him. (Or maybe he assumes I'm just up to my weirdo human stuff again and he lets it slide since I know how to break into the cheese safe.)

I'm not sure that I could muster that much implicit trust in anyone. If someone came up to me with a strange substance and started trying to apply it to my body parts, I'd question the hell out of it. Even if I knew and trusted that this person wouldn't hurt me, I would still hesitate until I had more information. But maybe by then it would be too late. In the movie version, I'd be the idiot who dies from the poison while asking question after question about the antidote.

Maybe it's merely my innate inquisitiveness. But maybe I need to work on letting go and trusting more. A little implicit trust could go a long way.

Lyric of the moment: "You want to see the other side, what's going on behind the eyes. Still it seems if you can't trust, you can't be trusted..."

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