Tuesday, November 25, 2014

On being a carbon based life form

I can never choose sides. It is impossible. Because there are no sides. The earth is round. And we are all spinning around on it together. I cannot comprehend the Us vs. Them mentality. We are all the Us. We are all the Them. We are all carbon based life forms trying to figure out what it means to be alive. We all want the same things. To be seen, heard, understood, remembered, loved. To have the opportunity to better ourselves and our lives. To find meaning and purpose and happiness. We are all so much the same. Maybe that is why it is easier for us to focus on the things that make us different. And no doubt those differences are what make each of us unique and interesting. But those differences can lead to the fear and anger that breed pettiness and injustice and violence and tragedy.

I do not have any answers. All I know is that very few things are black and white. Much of life is shades of grey. There are so many nuances and complexities involved in peoples' reactions and behaviors. So I try to strive for understanding rather than judgment. I try to remember that everyone has obstacles and struggles, everyone has experienced pain and hurt and suffering. Sometimes their words and actions are a manifestation of that hurt and suffering. There is more to someone's story than I can possibly know, not having lived it myself.

So I don't believe in sides. I don't believe in bad guys or good guys. I believe that everyone has a good heart but sometimes people make mistakes. Sometimes the most egregious mistakes are perpetuated through history. I don't know why. It is senseless and so very sad. I don't know the purpose of any of it. But I think that my purpose is to be the best carbon based life form I can be. To be infinitely grateful for this extremely fortunate life I have been given and to do all I can to increase the love and light and happiness in the lives of everyone I encounter during my time here. And that means acting with love and compassion in everything I do. I'm imperfect. I often fail at this. But I will keep trying. Because if there is any point at all to our existence, I want it to be this: to love and take care of each other. Not just when it's convenient or when it's easy. But forever and for always.

Lyric of the moment: "I'm made of atoms, you're made of atoms. And we're all in this together... Ask a scientist, it's quantum physics. We're all in this together..."

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