Friday, December 12, 2014

The best, luckiest, most epically awesome year

So I'm two for two at MedVed's Harrier Games. At the first one I went to, I won free socks and at this week's games I won a store gift certificate for free Sauconys. (This is pretty much the closest I'm ever going to come to being a sponsored runner. Hey, if I can't be fast, I'll be lucky.) And that was just the cherry on top of the 2014 sundae. It has been the best, luckiest, most epically awesome year of my life. I don't know how every new year turns out to be even better than the one before, but I hope this trend continues for as long as I do.

Especially because I could use all the luck I can get for the WTF 15 mile race tomorrow. I'm not sure how I managed to run (and enjoy) all 15 miles last year, when it was even colder and more stupidly winterous than it is now. Last Saturday I was tired after only 10 miles on this course. And I'm kinda bummed that I won't get to run this race with Pete, since he's doing the 10 mile option. I should probably have switched to the 10 mile race myself. This year I've run the most and the hardest miles of my entire life. And it was amazing. But also kinda tiring. It's just that every time I tell myself to relax and recuperate for a bit, I don't. Because I get too excited and go all insane: so many runs and adventures and let's go everywhere and do everything! All the time! Forever! And Saturday's date is 12/13/14 so of course I have to run 15 miles. And maybe eat 16 cookies? Because, sequentialism? Numerology? Or something? Yes, definitely that.

I'm trying to relax, not put any pressure on myself and just enjoy the race. But there is some pressure to finish as fast as I can because the race doesn't start until 10am, so I have to run approximately 3 bajillion hills, remain alive, shower, put on real clothes and make it to my hair appointment at 1:45pm. Because I am hopelessly inept at doing my hair and we're going to The Fancy Christmas Gala at Sonnenberg Gardens on Saturday night. Because apparently I am now the kind of person who goes to galas. Just kidding. Unlike Iggy Azalea, I'm not fancy. But any excuse to buy a fancy new dress is okay with me. Though if I have to wear heels (and by heels I mean wedges because the only thing more impossible than trying to get up Hell on Roots hill three times is taking one step in high heels), there better be some serious dessert up in this shindig.

Lyric of the moment: "Won't you let me match your stride. I can slow down if you want to. We can handle it side by side. What do you say? Don't you want to? And I can understand. All I need is your hand. Oh won't you take the fall. It is me after all. I'd be lying if I ran away. I'd be lying if I ran another way..."

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