Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Staying positive when the temperature is negative

The weather widget on my phone was broken the other day. It had an error message that said something like WTF with this weather? I can't even. I quit. I was like, Dude I know, it's like a cryogenic freezer out there.
But you can't let the weather limit your awesomeness. So here are some of my secrets to remaining positive when the temperature is negative.
*Complain. Hey, sometimes it feels good. And when you live in a place where the air hurts you're face, you're allowed a certain amount of complaints. Just don't be annoying about it. Bonus points if you hide your complaints in jokes:
One of these pictures is from the apocalyptic movie The Day After Tomorrow and one is from my front yard. Can you tell which is which?


*Change your perspective. The thing about the weather is that you can't change it, though if you wait long enough it will change itself. And in the meantime, you can change your attitude towards it. For example, it's not a face biting, extremity numbing cold -5 degrees Fahrenheit, it's 252.594 Kelvin. Balmy.
*Layer on the clothes and the humor. Today I woke up to a dark, depressing, -10 degree potential suffer-fest of a morning. I decided to run outside anyway. Was that a terrible idea? I don't know. Probably. But I just thought, eh, I've run in worse. And it's a good day to shake and stuff the Little Hotties. It was a slow run but a not altogether unpleasant experience. One of the benefits of running in muscle numbing cold is that you can't feel the soreness from the previous night's strength workout. And I didn't fall or get frostbite. So I'm considering it a success.


*Have a party. Nothing beats the winter blues like good friends and good times. Though hosting a party on Valentine's Day during a winter weather advisory probably wasn't my brightest idea. I was afraid that no one would come. But people did come. We looked fancy while eating desserts and pizza and laughing until our cheeks hurt. And no one will ever think about marbles in the same way again. Plus I ended up with 3 different kinds of chocolate milk in my fridge, which is the apex of my adult achievements. (Thanks to the Lopatas for the Intense Chocolate Milk, which had only a short layover in the fridge until its rendezvous with my stomach the next morning).
I only like winter on a very limited basis. But since it insists on visiting me every year and I haven't yet realized my ultimate goal of being able to spend winters somewhere a hell of a lot warmer than here (but hopefully not in, you know, actual Hell), I might as well make the best of it. I hope you'll join me. Whatever the weather, let's weather it together.
Lyric of the moment: "Use the sleeves of my sweater. Let's have an adventure. Head in the clouds but my gravity's centered...'Cause it's too cold for you here and now. So let me hold both your hands in the holes of my sweater..."

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