Tuesday, March 17, 2015

It seemed like a good idea at the time

My adulthood is oddly similar to my childhood, albeit with significantly more disposable income. Most of the things I do now are the things I enjoyed as a kid: running around outside, getting up to adventures, reading. And writing. I was always writing. My mom made me blank books with wallpaper and cardboard covers and I filled them up with stories. One Thanksgiving my dad and I wrote a story called The Turkey That Got Away. My brother hated books but somehow I convinced him to collaborate with me on a comic book called Superman Vs. Godzilla. We typed the pages on an old typewriter in the basement and made our own colored pencil illustrations. It was as terribly awesome as it sounds.

When I was younger, everything I wrote was fiction but now I'm more interested in non-fiction. I find the truth is stranger and more awesome than any fiction. Plus I like having a record of my adventures here, all the weirdness, lessons and hilarious happenings. Like that time Jeff and Erica came to the RIT men's hockey playoff game with us and I had Styrofoam in my hair (they were handing out tiger bobbleheads and when I opened the box, the Styrofoam packaging went everywhere, including my hair). And Pete ate the cookie I dropped on the ground. And this conversation happened:

Me:   Bill asked me "What's your dog's name again? Mothball?" and I couldn't stop
         laughing. Who would name a dog Mothball?
Pete: You should have named him Megatron.
Me:   Yes! I totally should have! Then I could be like "This is my little robot in disguise."

I don't know why I write. I don't have any particular aptitude for it. I just enjoy it and it makes me laugh. And I think maybe that is the secret to everything. Find the things and the people you enjoy, that make you laugh, and spend your time there.

So when I got the idea one day to write an ebook, I didn't focus on the myriad reasons not to do it. (Chief among them, I'm not a good writer and I have no idea what I'm doing). I just did it for the enjoyment of doing it. I wrote it, edited it, then released it into the wilds of Amazon.com. I don't expect anything to come of it. Maybe no one will find it. Maybe someone will find it and absolutely hate it. But maybe someone will read it and it will make them think or laugh or feel less alone. And that is the legacy I want to leave.

So here it is: All Roads Lead To Awesometown

Lyric of the moment: "I've never been so lost. I've never felt so much at home..."

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