Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March forth and be awesome

Get out your maple syrup buckets 'cause it's about to get sappy up in here. Happiest, most inappropriately hilarious of birthdays to Pete, who is the love of my life. Because with him I get to be all the things that I am and love all the things that I love, I get to have all the adventures and people I want in my life. Because knowing him has made me a better person. Because he has given me the best thing you can give anyone, which is laughter and love, despite all my imperfections and no matter what else is happening.

When we were first dating and I found out his birthday was March 4th, I said, That sounds like an imperative. March Forth! And be awesome!

I think about that from time to time, especially when I'm afraid or in doubt. Oddly, the closer you get to living the life you want, the scarier it seems. Because the paradox of life is that it is intensely painful and downright terrifying and unfathomably awesome. And that awesomeness is forged, not by avoiding pain and fear but by embracing them, by letting every experience open your heart and mind instead of closing them. So what do you do when you're living out all your wildest, most impossible dreams and you're more than a little afraid you're going to mess everything up somehow? Remember that true strength comes from vulnerability and trust, not from armor. And march forth and be awesome!

Lyric of the moment: "Saved it up for this dance. Tell me all the things you can. I just wanna sing a song with you. I just wanna be the one that's true... 'Cause blue eyes, you are destiny's scene. 'Cause blue eyes, I just wanna be the one. I just wanna sing a song with you. I just wanna get it on with you..."

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