Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How to be rich

Step 1: Congratulations! You're already rich. How do I know that? It's not because of your top hat and monocle, though those are pretty sweet. It's because true wealth is not about money or material goods, it's about living a meaningful life. Check it out: If you can answer yes to one or more of the following questions, you're already living a life of abundance and prosperity and ridiculous good fortune.  

  • Are you alive? Congratulations! You are a member of a very selective club. Most of its former members are now dead, but not you. Way to be alive over there. Enjoy it.

  • Are you imperfect? Good for you! That's what makes you unique. Accepting your own imperfections and letting yourself learn and grow will make all the difference. In everything. Ever.

  • Do you know other people? Lucky you! Meaningful relationships are the best part of life. Time spent with awesome humans and animals is time well spent. Love them and laugh with them and be ever so grateful for their presence in your life.

  • Do you love something? I mean really love it. It can be a sport, a hobby, a job, anything you're passionate about. If you can't think of anything that tickles your fancy, no worries. Just try some new things, wander, explore. Find the things that light you up inside and then do them.

  • Do you struggle? Excellent! Attempting challenging things and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone will open up a whole new world of inner strength and beauty and courage that you may not have been aware you were hiding under there.

See how wealthy you are? Look at you over there, living a life rich with experience and individuality and people and passion and expansion. I for one am quite impressed. A toast to you and your amazing life! Here's to many more years that are rich with awesomeness.

Lyric of the moment: "I wanna have friends that I can trust, that love me for the man I've become, not the man I was. I wanna fit into the perfect space, feel natural and safe in a volatile place. And I wanna grow old without the pain, give my body back to the earth and not complain..." ~Avett Brothers "The Perfect Space"

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