Monday, April 20, 2015

My life. In tiny poems.

The satisfying crunch of
leftover pizza lunch.
Found a hole in my sweater.
I like the lived-in look better.

There is a windowless van outside. It's yellow.
This makes it seem less creepy, more mellow.

A school bus came down our street and lickety split,
Mozzie ran over and tried to get on it.

I bought a steak.
For Pete's sake.

That time I volunteered for a bike race so new,
and got to open and close the gate at the zoo!

Of all the days that I have run,
the ones with you are the most fun.

We are the wanderers, the explorers, the seekers.
With awesomeness in our blood and mud on our sneakers.

Lyric of the moment: "It's never to late to call on your strength. And if all else should fail, there's still the unknown. On and on, go along. Don't be scared by being alone. If all else should fail, there's still the unknown..."


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