Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Last year's pants

Remember when you were a kid and you grew so fast that when you put on last year's pants they
were two inches too short? Some parts of life are like last year's pants. You see yourself still living in last year's or last month's or yesterday's circumstances and it's awkwardly obvious that they no longer fit. But it can be hard to let go. Because at one point you really liked those pants. And maybe you feel a little sad about outgrowing them. Even though they were kind of itchy sometimes and that started to get annoying. Still, you had some good times in those pants. But it's a big world filled with all kinds of pants. The sooner you let go of what no longer fits you, the sooner you can find what does. And you will. But it might take a bit of work and it may be a little uncomfortable. So here's the important part: don't go back. It can be tempting to reach for those comfortable old pants. But they're not really doing anything for you. You can appreciate their presence in your past while also letting them go so they don't clutter up your future. So let go of the pants. Where you're going you don't need pants.

Lyric of the moment: "Don't you know life's a feeling. But without you it's nothing...A road might take me away, but it's sure enough to bring me home, baby. Tuesday's coming. And I'm not gonna leave you here, darling..." ~O.A.R "Dareh Meyod" (Because it's one of those songs that makes me miss everyone I ever knew)

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