Monday, January 25, 2016


Sometimes my adventures are big, like foreign travel and ziplining and mainlining sugar.

Sometimes my adventures are small...
Like meeting Jeff and the Valones in a Lowe's parking lot to drive to all the -port towns.
And eating skittles (Thanks Todd!) in a laundry room/bathroom while waiting to cheer on a super badass runner who busted out more miles in a single day than I could ever run in a week.
And showing up to Fit1 to find that it has been cancelled (sad face!) then conspiring with Danielle and Mike to go on a ridiculous make-your-own-adventure run with random squats, push-ups and those lumberjack things thrown in (happy face, sad glutes).
And failing to make almond butter, ending up with something more like almond paste and realizing the problem was that you can't ask a Ninja to do a robot's job (we're going to need a more powerful blender).
And accepting an invitation at 8pm on Sunday night to join Chris for his 6 mile "easy" run at 5:30am on Monday (easy for him but more like a tempo run for me) that ends by going uphill on Rich's Dugway (I cannot resist a hill. The first step is recognizing you have a problem). Bonus points because, while they came thisclose to getting hit by cars, we thankfully didn't have to witness the demise of Bambi or Thumper. No animals were harmed in the making of this run.

It's not the size that makes the adventure, it's the spirit. You can find magic and hilarity in even the most seemingly ordinary of places and moments. Life is short. Find awesomeness everywhere.

Weird laundry bathroom. Still, probably not the strangest place I've eaten Skittles.

Lyric of the moment: "The time to hesitate is through. No time to wallow in the mire...Come on baby, light my fire. Come on baby, light my fire. Try to set the night on fire..." ~The Doors "Light My Fire" (No, but seriously, the pilot light went out and I need a fireplace butler).

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