Thursday, June 9, 2016

Things that are awesome Thursday

Semi-weekly list of word hugs/awesome sauce:

  • I've sponsored a child in Bangladesh since 2012 through Plan International. This year they notified me that her village is doing so well they no longer need sponsorship! So I was assigned a new child to sponsor in Vietnam and they sent me a letter about her that said "Nu likes eating meat. She loves singing. She likes jigsaw puzzle. She likes playing tug of war." Which totally made me want to do puzzles and play tug of war.

  • So I just discovered that Netflix has like 87 seasons of Murder She Wrote. Which is the most terrible and best show ever. I mean, J.B. Fletcher's jogging outfits, you guys! She wears a towel around her neck, tucked into her matching sweatshirt/sweatpants ensembles! And makeup! Because who goes jogging without blue eyeshadow? No one. But I especially love how wherever she goes someone gets murdered. And then police detectives are all like sure old lady mystery writer, why don't you just go poking around all the crime scenes touching everything!

  • Yesterday morning's SAJ (Steven-Alison-Jen) run at Ellison Park featured a giant rainbow! And a giant snapping turtle! You can find a lot of awesome giant stuff in the woods!

  • My eternal (approximately) love for Pete. And my newfound love of composing ridiculous and terrible poetry to that effect:
I will love you forever.
Or at least until I die.
I don't know what happens after that.
So I can't make any promises.
But if there is some kind of afterlife or reincarnation or whatever,
I will love you there too.
Even if it's hell.
Or I come back as something weird.
Like a hippo.
(Hopefully not a mushroom. That would be tragic.)
Hippos kill the most people annually of any animal.
But if I were reincarnated as a hippo, I would only use my hippo powers for love and not for murder.
So yeah, basically I love you all the days.
Be it as a person or a hippo or some other energy form.

  • I am the soon-to-be owner of a banana costume and (lady sized) toucan print running shorts. Because if I make any mark on the world in my brief time here, I want it to be one of utmost ridiculousness.  

Lyric of the moment: "I have to step away sometimes, to see how much I love my life. And now I am grateful. If something's worth all my time, it's to make sure you know you're on my mind. And I will be there..." ~Gene Evaro "This Kind Love" 

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