Friday, August 12, 2016

Assorted Awesome Sauce

Semi-weekly gratitude list/word hugs/moments of awesomeness:
  • My adult life is much like my childhood, only instead of going to knock on friends' doors to ask if they can come out and play, it's virtual knocking. And we "go out to play" at 5am. It is awesome having so many "yes" friends who are up for adventures at all hours. Tuesday I ran to Ellison and met Alison and Steven for a trail run at 5:30am. Wednesday, Jen(n)s took over 5am Fit1. Thursday, I met Chris on Blossom at 5:30am for a road run. Friday, Danielle and I ran the Crescent trail at 5am. So many awesome ways to start the days!
Jen(n)s take over Corn Hill, with help from Gustavo.
(No bricks were harmed during this takeover.)

  • I think this is the year of the almost-overly-helpful strangers. Maybe I look tired or dazed or confused from all the middle-of-the-night running I've done this year, but it seems like strangers are going out of their way to help me. I was carrying a bunch of stuff in Wegmans and this woman asked if I need help, I said "No thanks, I'm ok" and she was like "Oh honey, take my cart," gave me her cart, the took the stuff out of my hands and put in in the cart. Before MM99 I went to Starbucks to pick up a traveler box of iced coffee for our team. As I was carrying it and the cups, etc out of the store, some dude jumped up from across the store, ran over and opened the door for me, then another dude ran over from the other side of the parking lot and opened my car door. It was very weird (but also awesome), like being followed by a secret service of very helpful strangers.

  • The orthodontist asked if there was anything else I wanted them to adjust and I said I just wanted them to fix the space between two of my teeth. He's like "Oh yeah, no problem, that will close up in a couple of days." The VERY NEXT morning, I woke up and the space was gone. These metal torture devices hurt like hell but they sure are efficient. Also, I may be getting the top braces off in September!!! The end (of my weird, lingual-braces-induced lisp) is in sight!

  • This. Totally:

  • After this morning's run, I found a bug in my hair and freaked out. Until I realized it was too big to be a tick. Then I felt relieved. And that it was dead. Then I felt sad. A lot of emotions/possible unintentional murder happening in that shower.

  • SUSHI BURRITOS! And the beginning of Friends Who Lunch Fridays! Good food, good friends, good times. I'm pretty sure the secret to life is this: 1) Think of things you want to do (anything from running around in circles in the dark to eating a thing you read about on the internet). 2) Talk about the things until people volunteer to join you. 3) Do the things. 4) *Explosion Of Awesomeness*

Lyric of the moment: "Oh, an incurable humanist you are..." ~Regina Spektor "Loveology"

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