Wednesday, August 3, 2016

This Is Marriage: Day 331

Pete is telling me about his day. It's 10:00pm his time. He has been working since 6:30am. He is trying to balance his 12 hour-a-day job with studying for/completing the exams for his Expeditionary Warfare Pin with studying for/completing the requirements for the Chief initiation process. I know he will succeed at all those things. He will make a plan and he will execute it. That is what he does. That is the man I married.

He sends me a picture of the Warfare pin. It has a ship, a sword and a gun on it. It says EXPEDITIONARY in capital letters. It looks fancy. I mean, a gun and a sword? And a ship? That is a lot of things. If you had all those things you would be well prepared to face any pirate attacks that might occur within your vicinity. He tells me about the thick booklet of information he has to know to become Chief. And that part of the initiation process involves telling jokes to the current Chiefs. There is a lot I will probably never understand about the military. It's like a weird fraternity with weapons. But it has a lot of awesome members, former and current. And a better sense of humor than I thought. Plus, the pins are cool. So there's that.

Pete says he was thinking about what his life would be like if he hadn't married me and it made him cry, he was so sad to think of life without me. I laugh. He says he is being serious (he is rarely serious). But I am laughing not in a HaHa way. I am laughing because I've felt the same way a thousand times. There have been so many moments this year where I've had that This. This is my person. feeling. Followed by a sense of incredulity. How? How is this possible? How did I get so lucky? And then I am crying, from happiness and gratitude and the ache of missing him so acutely.

Marriage is a rush of appreciation and amazement and awesomeness.

Lyric of the moment: "I was standing. You were there. Two worlds collided. And they could never tear us apart..." ~INXS "Never Tear Us Apart"

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