Saturday, April 1, 2017

19 miles of hill repeats: a series of increasingly terrible Haikus

With all the snow melt and rain, the trails are a sloppy mess, so Matt, Alison and I took our long run to the streets. Somehow this turned into the epically terrible stupid excellent idea to run Rich's Dugway hill repeats. For three hours. Because nothing could go wrong with that plan. It was, as they say, an experience. I've run the Dugway many times before but only for an hour at a time. That is more than enough. Well, until you have three hours and two friends to make it into an adventure. That's what they call it when your watch is all sorry, dude, ran out of numbers, your heartrate is just a sad black line now, right? Hills were run. Conversations and laughs were had. Until laughing hurt our abs too much. The house that always smells like pot smelled like pot. We saw a cat carrying a dead squirrel in its mouth. I wished someone would carry me around. We saw another runner, Doug on the Dugway. We ran for 3 hours, 14 ups, 2100' of elevation and 19 miles. I wondered how I'm ever going to be able to run more than double that at Many On The Genny in June. After many more idiotic adventures like this one I suppose. So until next time, I wrote a bunch of terrible Haikus about our April Fools Day/A Fool's Errand Run. Because these are my Saturdays, these are my awesome friends, this is my life. And it's the best.

Let's run hill repeats!
For three hours! Fun. So fun.
Fun as in insane.

Here we go! First one.
Shit. I'm tired already.
Sweet, sweet downhill. Yes!

Up, up, still more up.
Thank Ultra Gods for good friends.
Hills alone would suck.

That house smells like pot.
That cat has a dead squirrel.
Dugway's a weird place.

Up and down and up.
Watch says my heart rate is null.
Am I dead? Zombie?

Legs, everything hurts.
Focus on what doesn't hurt.
Hair. Eyes. Fingers. Boobs.

Still alive. Oh good.
Is this the last one? For real?
Nineteen miles! Damn!

So this is my life.
These are my rad, badass friends.
I'm the luckiest!

Lyric of the moment: "Well you'll only ever really know you're living if you're totally sure you're dying. Maybe we get where we want to go. I don't know....Well if I've got a leg to stand on. Then I'm pretty sure I can work myself up into a run. And I'll keep heading in your direction..." ~Against Me! "12:03"

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