Monday, April 10, 2017

Life is my running coach and running is my life coach

Running and being alive are two of my most favorite things. I've found that the lessons I learn from one are often applicable to the other. Running makes me better at life and life makes me better at running. Life and races are a crapshoot. I can do my best to prepare, but a lot of things - weather, other people, random acts of The Universe/Flying Spaghetti Monster/Whatever - are out of my control. Some days everything seems to go my way and I fly through my run or my life effortlessly. Some days I fall in a pothole/puddle/well of negative thoughts and wallow there crying until I get enough sleep/carbs/hugs/stupid adventures to restore my energy/optimism/sanity. Running and life are constantly teaching me lessons in letting go - of judgments, expectations and attachments - and in giving more - effort, kindness and love. They push me, at times with gentle nudges, at times with epic blows, to be ever stronger, wiser and more awesome. The flexibility, fortitude and fearlessness I've gained running the trails of my city help me to navigate the trails of my life. Learning from and overcoming the faults, failures and frustrations of my life helps me deal with the low points of a run and make the best of whatever happens. Sometimes travel plans or illness lead to a missed workout and it's Coach Life's way of saying Slow down, rest is important too. Sometimes my legs lead me to just the right place at just the right time to catch a beautiful sunrise and it's Coach Running's way of saying See how awesome life is? Relax and party on. I don't follow a set life plan or a training plan. But there's a method to my madness and a madness to my method that always seems to lead me to Awesometown.

Lyric of the moment: "Good and bad times we've been through. You got my back and I got yours too. All of my life you are in my crew. I'd do anything for you..." ~Transplants "Gangsters and Thugs"

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