Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Notorious MOTG

In 4 days I will run a race. Though to call what I do racing is laughable. It implies a certain speed, talent and competitive spirit that I will never possess. I don't race. I explore, I adventure, I wander through the woods eating peanut butter sandwiches. Other people race. And I cannot wait to hear about their triumphs. But I am not the hare. I am the tortoise, a steady, relentless force. On Saturday I won't be running against a clock or anyone else (maybe against a cutoff time. I would like to beat that if I can). It will take me as long as it takes me, this quest to cover 40 miles on foot. I'm not a racer. So for me this is not a race. It is poetry in motion. And I, a fumbling runner and comically bad poet, will struggle one step at a time, to let go of doubts/expectations/the past, to fully enjoy the present moment, to find the answers to the questions I can't stop asking and the words to tell you how much better my life is for having known you. I'm not ready for a race. But I'm always up for an adventure. So while I'm quite sure I cannot run that far and might actually die, I'm also jonesing for some Indiana Jones type shenanigans. Nadirs of Letchworth State Park? Hopefully not The Broken Skull, The Temple of Doom or The Last Crusade.

All fears aside, I've loved this course since I first ran part of it with Sheila in 2015 (Thanks to Eric for the pic!)

We'll see what Saturday brings. For now, all I've got is terrible poetry.

It seemed like a good idea a year ago
Running The Notorious MOTG
Now it looms over me like a mighty foe
And that's no hyperbole

40 miles around gorges Letchworth
A challenge most daunting
As I traverse the water chiseled earth
Will I be weighed and found wanting?

Do I have what it takes to go the distance?
Probably not, but I'll try anyway
'Cause this is the highlight of my existence
Exploring the woods with you all day

So lungs breathe deep, eyes savor the view
On this quest through forests, creeks and muds
Heart explodes in feels thanks to you
And most of all to Trail Methods

Lyric of the moment: "I could chase you til my heart gives out. Even if it means that my tears dry out. 'Cause I'm a little broken, I hope you understand. Can you take me as I am? Can you take me as I am? God knows I ain't perfect, it's not like I had planned. Can you take me as I am? Can you take me as I am? ~Johnny BLK "As I Am"

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