eBook: All Roads Lead To Awesometown

The secret to awesomeness is not in being better, faster, stronger, happier (though those are often bonus side effects) but in finding the joy in every opportunity, in living with enthusiasm and love and hilarity. I wrote an eBook containing some of the things I've learned during my adventures in being alive.
Things like:
*How to avoid taking shit personally
*How to repair hurt feelings
*Facing fear
*Taking risks and making mistakes
*Self-improvement and self love
*Building a rocketship to Awesometown
Maybe some of them will be useful to you in your own journey of awesomeness.

Check out the link below if you feel so inclined:

Here's a sneak peak:
I use the word awesome a lot. I can't help it. Life is breathtakingly, awe-inspiringly, mind-bogglingly amazing and I am head-over-heels in love with it. To me, awesomeness is a state of well-being and enjoyment of life that is unconditional and always accessible. It's not about everything always going perfectly well and feeling fantastically wonderful all the time. It's about embracing all the twists and turns and ups and downs as part of the entire experience of life.
The most important thing I've learned (the hard way, of course) is that it doesn't matter what happens to me, it only matters what I do with it. And I realized that all the times I felt bad, I also felt happy. When I felt sad to lose someone I cared about, I also felt happy to have had the chance to know that person and to let go and move on to other adventures. When I felt disappointment at failing at something, I also felt happiness at learning from my mistakes and finding a better way forward. In hindsight, it's all the moments I thought were terribly embarrassing at the time that turn out to be the comedic relief.
I've realized that random shit happens to everyone and whether you interpret it as good luck or bad luck, you'll be right. So if you embrace life with open arms and an open heart, if you see the best in everything, much awesomeness will come your way. You can see the glass as half empty, half full or, as I prefer, half full of ice cream.

Get the ebook here: All Roads Lead To Awesometown

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