Race & Adventure Calendar

This is a work in progress: what I've done and what is on the horizon. Adventure loves company, so please join in the fun!


August 25: Green Lakes 50K. That time Colonel Mustard saved me with the vinegar next to the penis lake. And  more weirdness here

August 4-5: Mighty Mosquito 99 Mile Trail Relay
The Return of Team Toucan here

May: We went to Nice! It was so very nice. All the crepes, croissants and ice cream here

March 17th: Johnny's Runnin' O' The Green
Because Pete likes this race and I like Pete. Running hand in hand here

January: That time I bought an 8 foot tall giraffe here


Basically all Fall: I dealt with the dreaded Plantar Fasciitis

December: I wrote a non-traditional Gift Guide

September: Adventures in Arizona
Grand Canyoning, helicoptering and Flintstone-ing here

August 27: Medved Midsummer Night's Madness
Because all I need is gold shorts, Pete and the usual absurdity. More on that here

July: DIPS half-ish marathon
Running for donuts, ice cream, pizza, Speedway and of course shenanigans here

June 24: Trail Methods' Many On The Genny 40 mile trail race
From the joy of Twizzlers and finding friends in the woods to the utter sorrow of losing my dad here

June 3: Cayuga Trails Marathon
Dead legs and stomach issues and so many almost falls. But always a beautiful day in the woods here

May 7: Medved Madness Trail Race
Two loops with Pete, one loop solo. Lots of mud here

April 1: April Fool's Day / A Fool's Errand Hill Repeats
Who runs 19 miles of hill repeats. This fool. Hills and Haikus here

March: Joining the Running Inside Out Radio Show on WAYO 104.3 FM
Find out how in the heck this happened here

February 25: Mike Doughty & Wheatus & Canada Adventures


December: Christmas in Key West and Melbourne, FL
Sunshine, ocean and 6-toed cats here

November/December: Husband Man returns home from his deployment to Afghanistan!!!!
All the adventures and emotions here and here and here!

November 5th: Mendon 50K Trail Run
Loops, pickle juice shots, all the feels here 

October 22nd-23rd: Ladies Who Adventure Adirondacks weekend.
Rain, snow, birthday cake, some of my favorite ladies here

August 6th-7th: TrailsRoc Mighty Mosquito 99 Mile Relay
Friends getting loopy in toucan short shorts, all night long! Race report here

July 23rd-24th: CandleLight 12 Hour Overnight Ultra 
That time I ran 55 miles in the middle of the night like a crazy person here

June 4th: Cayuga Trails Marathon
Stairs, hills and haikus here

May 14th: Thom B Trail Run 26K
The run, the bakery, that poor duck here

May 1st: Medved Madness
Mud, rain, friends, sugar. Race report here

April 9th: Mess The Dress
Trails, mud and dresses, the perfect combination. Race report here

March 12-13: Mini road trips to Naples, NY and Rock Hill, NY
Trail and road running hijinks here
Courses: Muddy Sneaker and Celebrate Life Half Marathon

January 2-10: Honeymoon in Costa Rica
Ziplining, white water rafting and monkeyshines here


November 7th: Mendon Trail Races
10K, 20K, 30K and 50K options, put on by the Rochester Orienteering Club.
My 30K race report here 

October 24th: The Adirondacks: Climbing Mt. Marcy
Thoughts on getting older and eating PB sandwiches at 5,343ft here

October 17th: Water Gap 50K
Point to point 50K race on the McDade Rail Trail in the Delaware Water Gap/Poconos (Milford, PA) by Red Newt Racing.
The highs, the lows, the pies here (and also at Ultrarunning Magazine)

September 19th: Aid Station Volunteering at Virgil Crest Ultras
Watching some super badass runners do 50K, 50Mile and 100Mile things in Cortland, NY.

September 12th: Ossian Mountain Run
4 mile and 8 mile run uphill and downhill. All the hills. By Flower City RaceWorks
Race report here

August 29th: Aid Station Volunteering at Twisted Branch 100K
I do not ever feel the need to run 100K in one day. But I will gladly cheer/feed/hydrate those far more awesome than I who do. Naples, NY. They have grape pie there. This course is no joke, man. I was tired just from aid stationing and sweeping miles 29-35. It was awesome though: rocky, root-y and part of it went straight through a corn field.

August 22nd: Trail marathon training run in Letchworth State Park (Mt. Morris, NY)
More about these shenanigans here

August 8th & 9th: Mighty Mosquito 99 Mile Trail Relay
6-person relay or solo event in Mendon Ponds Park, NY by #TrailsRoc
Race report here

July 18th: 0 spf trail half marathon
13ish mile trail race in Victor, NY by #TrailsRoc
Race report here

July 4th: Finger Lakes 50K
50K & 50Mile race in Hector, NY by Finger Lakes Runners Club
Race report here

June 6th: Webster Trail Classic
10 mile trail race in Webster, NY by Flour City Raceworks
Race report here

May 23rd-31st: Oregon Vacation
42 mile, 3 day raft-supported run on the Rogue River Trail with Orange Torpedo
Also, we got engaged. A bunch of words about this awesomeness here

May 3rd: MedVed Madness
15 mile trail race in Mendon Ponds Park, NY by MedVed
Race report here

April 18th: Muddy Sneaker
20K trail race in Naples, NY. Uphill in all directions. By Goose Adventure Racing
Race report here

April 11th: Mess The Dress
5 mile trail run/mud prom. The most fun you can have in a dress. By #TrailsRoc
Race report here

March 20th-28th: Hawaii Vacation
Hiking, volcano running, good times. Words about those adventures here

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