Race & Adventure Calendar

This is a work in progress: what I've done and what is on the horizon. Adventure loves company, so please join in the fun!


June 24: Trail Methods' Many On The Genny 40 mile trail race

June 3: Cayuga Trails Marathon
Dead legs and stomach issues and so many almost falls. But always a beautiful day in the woods here

May 7: Medved Madness Trail Race
Two loops with Pete, one loop solo. Lots of mud here

April 1: April Fool's Day / A Fool's Errand Hill Repeats
Who runs 19 miles of hill repeats. This fool. Hills and Haikus here

March: Joining the Running Inside Out Radio Show on WAYO 104.3 FM
Find out how in the heck this happened here

February 25: Mike Doughty & Wheatus & Canada Adventures


December: Christmas in Key West and Melbourne, FL
Sunshine, ocean and 6-toed cats here

November/December: Husband Man returns home from his deployment to Afghanistan!!!!
All the adventures and emotions here and here and here!

November 5th: Mendon 50K Trail Run
Loops, pickle juice shots, all the feels here 

October 22nd-23rd: Ladies Who Adventure Adirondacks weekend.
Rain, snow, birthday cake, some of my favorite ladies here

August 6th-7th: TrailsRoc Mighty Mosquito 99 Mile Relay
Friends getting loopy in toucan short shorts, all night long! Race report here

July 23rd-24th: CandleLight 12 Hour Overnight Ultra 
That time I ran 55 miles in the middle of the night like a crazy person here

June 4th: Cayuga Trails Marathon
Stairs, hills and haikus here

May 14th: Thom B Trail Run 26K
The run, the bakery, that poor duck here

May 1st: Medved Madness
Mud, rain, friends, sugar. Race report here

April 9th: Mess The Dress
Trails, mud and dresses, the perfect combination. Race report here

March 12-13: Mini road trips to Naples, NY and Rock Hill, NY
Trail and road running hijinks here
Courses: Muddy Sneaker and Celebrate Life Half Marathon

January 2-10: Honeymoon in Costa Rica
Ziplining, white water rafting and monkeyshines here


November 7th: Mendon Trail Races
10K, 20K, 30K and 50K options, put on by the Rochester Orienteering Club.
My 30K race report here 

October 24th: The Adirondacks: Climbing Mt. Marcy
Thoughts on getting older and eating PB sandwiches at 5,343ft here

October 17th: Water Gap 50K
Point to point 50K race on the McDade Rail Trail in the Delaware Water Gap/Poconos (Milford, PA) by Red Newt Racing.
The highs, the lows, the pies here (and also at Ultrarunning Magazine)

September 19th: Aid Station Volunteering at Virgil Crest Ultras
Watching some super badass runners do 50K, 50Mile and 100Mile things in Cortland, NY.

September 12th: Ossian Mountain Run
4 mile and 8 mile run uphill and downhill. All the hills. By Flower City RaceWorks
Race report here

August 29th: Aid Station Volunteering at Twisted Branch 100K
I do not ever feel the need to run 100K in one day. But I will gladly cheer/feed/hydrate those far more awesome than I who do. Naples, NY. They have grape pie there. This course is no joke, man. I was tired just from aid stationing and sweeping miles 29-35. It was awesome though: rocky, root-y and part of it went straight through a corn field.

August 22nd: Trail marathon training run in Letchworth State Park (Mt. Morris, NY)
More about these shenanigans here

August 8th & 9th: Mighty Mosquito 99 Mile Trail Relay
6-person relay or solo event in Mendon Ponds Park, NY by #TrailsRoc
Race report here

July 18th: 0 spf trail half marathon
13ish mile trail race in Victor, NY by #TrailsRoc
Race report here

July 4th: Finger Lakes 50K
50K & 50Mile race in Hector, NY by Finger Lakes Runners Club
Race report here

June 6th: Webster Trail Classic
10 mile trail race in Webster, NY by Flour City Raceworks
Race report here

May 23rd-31st: Oregon Vacation
42 mile, 3 day raft-supported run on the Rogue River Trail with Orange Torpedo
Also, we got engaged. A bunch of words about this awesomeness here

May 3rd: MedVed Madness
15 mile trail race in Mendon Ponds Park, NY by MedVed
Race report here

April 18th: Muddy Sneaker
20K trail race in Naples, NY. Uphill in all directions. By Goose Adventure Racing
Race report here

April 11th: Mess The Dress
5 mile trail run/mud prom. The most fun you can have in a dress. By #TrailsRoc
Race report here

March 20th-28th: Hawaii Vacation
Hiking, volcano running, good times. Words about those adventures here

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